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12:00 am
Scripture & Tradition

Take 2 with Jerry and Debbie (Encore)

EWTN Live (Encore)
12:30 am
01:00 am
The Journey Home

Best of The Journey Home

Mother Angelica Live
01:30 am
02:00 am  

                                        Mother Angelica Live Classics


The Wisdom of
Fr. Groeschel
02:30 am EWTN Bookmark
03:00 am
The Great Adventure

Women of Grace with Johnette Benkovic (Encore)

Celtic Connections
03:30 am
04:00 am
The World Over

Fathers Know Best (Encore)

The World Over (Encore)
04:30 am
05:00 am The Catholic Cafe Chaplet of Divine Mercy / Fire on the Earth The Vatican Insider
05:30 am Rosary for Vocations with Archbishop Schnurr
06:00 am Vatican Insider  


Scripture and Tradition
06:30 am

Divine Intimacy Radio

07:00 am

Dare Great Things

Good News Today with
Fr. Jim Willig

The Best of the Son Rise 
Morning Show
07:30 am
08:00 am

Sunday Mass from 
EWTN Chapel
Live & Stories
from the Heart

Sunday Mass from
EWTN Chapel
08:30 am
09:00 am  



Mast Appeal with
Colleen Kelly Mast
09:30 am Good News Today with
Fr. Jim Willig
10:00 am

EWTN Pro-Life Weekly

Word on Fire

Daily Bread with Fr. Al Lauer
Chaplet of Divine Mercy / Rosary for Vocations
10:30 am
11:00 am Register Radio


Doctor, Doctor
11:30 am Light of the East
12:00 pm
Fr. Spitzer's Universe
Daily Mass from St. Gertrude in Madeira
or Mass from EWTN Chapel
The Best of Take 2
with Jerry & Debbie
12:30 pm
01:00 pm Scripture & Tradition  

R Header Doctor Is In 15 Copy

The Church Alive!
01:30 pm
02:00 pm The Best of
Called to Communion

R Header Called 15

The Good Fight
with Barbara McGuigan
02:30 pm
03:00 pm
The Word Over (Encore)

R Header Open Line 14

03:30 pm
04:00 pm Word On Fire


Dhtf Sm Header

The Catholic Cafe
04:30 pm Blessed to Play EWTN Bookmark
05:00 pm Journey Home
Vocation Boom Radio
05:30 pm
06:00 pm

The Best of
Catholic Answers

R Header Catholic Answers 12

The Bear Woznick
06:30 pm
07:00 pm Register Radio
07:30 pm Blessed 2 Play
08:00 pm

The Wisdom of
Fr. Groeschel

The Journey

Mother Angelica
Live Classics
EWTN Live  

The World
Over (Live)

Fr. Spitzer's

08:30 pm EWTN Pro-Life Weekly
09:00 pm Where God Weeps EWTN News Nightly Vatican Insider
09:30 pm The Rosary is a Place with Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Simonetta
10:00 pm
EWTN Live (Encore)
EWTN Open Line
(Encore of today's program)
The World Over
10:30 pm
11:00 pm Divine Intimacy Radio Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders
Fr. Spitzer's
11:30 pm Family Theater Classic