Good News Today with Fr. Jim Willig

About Fr Jim

Fr. Jim Willig (1951-2001) - Ordained diocesan priest of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in 1977

Earned a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from the Athenaeum of Ohio and a Master of Applied Spirituality from the University of San Francisco

Completed a sabbatical study of Sacred Scripture in the Holy Land sponsored by the Catholic Theological Union. Followed by the next assignment from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to develop and lead new evangelization ministry programs

Created a successful weekly gospel study series called Evening and Lunch with the Lord and a parish mission program called Heart to Heart

Traveled locally and nationally as an inspiring preacher and storyteller

Authored Lessons from the School of Suffering, detailing the personal struggles and spiritual journey of having stage four kidney cancer

Authored the books: Inspiration and A Retreat With Peter

Featured in videos: The Passion and Resurrection and Suffering with Grace

Sundays 7:30 am-8 am & 9:30 am-10 am