Parish Visit

Invite Sacred Heart Radio!

Here's why you should invite us to your parish or event!

If you've been thinking of asking your pastor to invite Sacred Heart Radio to speak at a Sunday Mass, here's what happens when we come for a Parish Visit.

Usually after communion, once the announcements are read, Anna Mitchell gets up and talks for two minutes about what you'll hear on the Son Rise Morning Show and throughout the day on SHR, and then she asks parishioners to sign up to receive our newsletters by filling out the cards that we place in the pews.

We do not ask for money, and more importantly, we don't sell or share our mailing list with anyone.

If possible, we like to speak at two Sunday Masses,but we've also spoken at every Mass over the weekend.

We will have a table in the back of Church to collect the sign up cards and to hand out our newsletters and bumpers stickers.

Even though we've been invited  by several pastors,over 90% of our invitations have occurred because you have made the arrangements with your pastor.


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