We're Moving DOWN TOWN!


For a year now, we've been on the hunt to find a new home for Sacred Heart Radio, and ironically our search ends right where it began.

About a year ago, we were first invited downtown to look at a space in the build­ing where the offices of the Archdiocese are located, but the configuration of the space they showed us wouldn't  work  for our needs.  That's  when our  quest   for   a new home began in earnest.

After visiting several high-rise office build­ings with the hum of 1-75 in the back­ ground, we considered buying a property. When that didn't pan out, we decided to build from the ground up. But with zoning restrictions limiting the size of the building and the requirement of non-profits to include an elevator to access a second floor... that was the end of that.

With all options exhausted, I heard the Spirit whisper, "Go back to square one:' So I asked Anna Mitchell to set up a meet­ing with Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, and to let him know we needed his help. He graciously agreed to meet with us the next day, on New Year's Eve.

During the meeting, while revisiting the trials of our year long search, including the perils of dealing with the zoning commission - something the Archbishop had personal experience with - we asked if the Archdiocese would consider donating "office space"to SHR.

As you have read and heard about over the years, Archbishop Schnurr has been very generous to Sacred Heart Radio, giving us large gifts to expand our signal  coverage to the Tri-County area on 89.5 FM and most recently to Dayton on 910 AM. This time was no exception. We will be leasing the space at an extremely discounted  rate, with more than 500 square feet included at no charge.

Of course, all renovations will be on our dime, and will be rather expensive due to the specialized construction needed to convert office space into sound proof broadcast studios, especially if we want the studios located near windows which will let in light, but also noise from down­ town traffic.

With plans to be drawn up, contractors to hire, bids to consider and permits to obtain, it will probably be summer (or later) before any construction can begin. And because it's been more than a dozen years since we've invested in broadcast studio equipment, and even longer for the phone and network systems, it is time to invest in the most advanced technology available, which will also give us greater flexibility to upgrade in the future.


When complete, we will finally be able to realize all the audio improvements we've been "testing" for a year but haven't been able to fully utilize with the limitations of our old equipment.

The total for the build out, broadcast equipment, furniture and more is estimated to cost $200,000!

To accomplish this project, not only will we need your special gifts, but your fervent prayers that we secure several large dona­tion s. ALSO, if you have "connections" to reputable contractors, building suppliers, electricians, and more who may be willing to make a tax-deductible contribution of their time or the materials to make our first move in 18 years a "blessed success'; please call Bill Levitt at 513-731-7740.


And as always, keep listening for more updates on our 20th Anniversary Upgrade.