Tuesday, 03/16/21, Driving Home the Faith

Today, Roger Gerwe joins us to tell us about men's ministry at Pregnancy Center East, Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society introduces a new documentary on the NOW v. Scheidler case he fought for 28 (!) years airing next week on EWTN, and more -- plus traffic and weather to get you home safe.
Pregnancy Center East is online at PregnancyCenterEast.com
The National Catholic Bioethics Center is online at NCBCenter.org
Watch Sung Lenten Vespers Sunday online at athenaeum.edu
The Thomas More Society is online at thomasmoresociety.org
About "Fighting for Life: The Story of NOW v. Scheidler" online at thomasmoresociety.org
Adventure Catholic Leadership Training is online at AdventureCatholic.com
Read "The Destruction of Man vs. the Truth" online at CatholicStand.com