Show Notes for Wednesday, 5/8/2019

Good morning! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Paul Thigpen, author of “The Biblical Names of Jesus,” to dig into the title “Bread of Life.” Other guests include Danielle Bean to discuss spiritual motherhood, Gary Zimak with more on Mary as the mother of worriers, and Dr. John Bergsma on Psalm 72, one of the “royal psalms.” Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…

Dr. John Bergsma is online at

Danielle Bean is online at

Paul Thigpen, author of "The Biblical Names of Jesus"

Gary Zimak is online at">

Fr. Philip-Michael Tangorra, author of "Holiness and Living the Sacramental Life"

Info on David Bereit at the CareNet banquet this week is online at

Gail Finke, producer of Driving Home the Faith with Fr. Rob Jack.

Karlo Broussard, author of "Prepare the Way"

Brad Hahn is online at

Fr. Frank Donio is online at

Info on the Vocation Office for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is at

Info on Sir James MacMillan's upcoming talk at Mount St. Mary's Seminary is available at