Show Notes for Tuesday, 7/23/2019

Happy feast of St. Bridget of Sweden! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell talk more about this great saint who had such a powerful devotion to the wounds of Jesus. Guests include Fr. Philip-Michael Tangorra to discuss what the Nicene Creed has to say about Jesus, Karlo Broussard from Catholic Answers on whether the saints can hear our prayers, Bobby Schindler on the ongoing effort to cheer the people who killed Terri Schiavo as heroes, and Dr. Matthew Bunson on Cardinal Mueller’s statements on the Amazon synod. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more…

Fr. Philip-Michael Tangorra, author of "Holiness and Living the Sacramental Life"

Karlo Broussard is online at

Dr. Matthew Bunson is online at

Bobby Schindler is online at

Fr. Frank Donio is online at

Meg Wittman is online at

Dr. Janet Smith is online at

Fr. John Bartunek, author of "Spiritual but not Religious"

Leila Miller, author of "Made this Way"

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