Show Notes for Tuesday, 4/19/2022

Good morning! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Fr. Boniface Hicks, OSB to talk about how Easter is celebrated in a Benedictine monastery. Other guests include Kris McGregor with Easter thoughts from the Office of Readings, and Joe Heschmeyer with more evidence that the early Church was Catholic. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more...

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Kevin Schmiesing, author of A Catholic Pilgrimage through American History

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Morning prayer of John Henry Newman

May the Lord support us all the day long,
Till the shades lengthen and the evening comes,
and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over,
and our work is done.
Then in his mercy may he give us a safe lodging,
and holy rest, and peace at the last. Amen.