Show Notes for Thursday, 4/28/2022

Good morning! On today’s show, Matt Swaim and Anna Mitchell welcome Andrew Petiprin from Word on Fire to look at the theology of the X-Files. Other guests include pastoral counselor Kevin Prendergast on overcoming alcohol abuse, Rita Heikenfeld on how gardening can help us better understand the teachings of Jesus, and Gary Michuta on John Calvin’s impact on Christian anthropology. Plus news, weather, sports and a whole lot more...

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Anthony Lilles, author of Fire from Above

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Fr. Sebastian Walshe, author of Always a Catholic

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Fr. Philip-Michael Tangorra, author of Holiness and Living the Sacramental Life


Rita Heikenfeld's Lebanese Tomato Cucumber Salad

No real recipe here but here’s how I do it:

Mix together gently:
2-3 large tomatoes, chopped or grape or cherry tomatoes cut in half
1 bunch green onions, sliced thin, white and green part both or equivalent red onion, chopped
1 English cucumber, chopped
1/4 to 1/2 cup Kalamata olives, cut into slivers
Fresh mint, chopped, to taste
Fresh parsley, chopped, to taste

Drizzle over salad and taste as you go along:
Olive oil, to taste
Lemon juice, to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

Garnish with Feta cheese