Monday, 7/1/19, Driving Home the Faith

Today in hour one, Ashley McGuire of The Catholic Association will talk about what the 20 Democrat candidates for the party’s presidential nominee had to say about abortion last week, Elaine Ward and Estelle McNair from Franciscan Ministries Inc. will tell us about Tamar's Center, and Produder Gail Finke will ukpdate us on upcoing events in the Archdiocsese of Cincinnati. In hour two, Notre Dame’s Tim O’Malley will talk about how better formation in the meaning of love would help marriage preparation and formation programs, Alan Migliorato will continue his series on “the manly art of raising a daughter.,” and Father Rob will share an article from his Reading List.

The Catholic Association is online at

Franciscan Ministries Inc. is online at

Get Tim O’Malley’s book “Off the Hook” at our book page

Church LIfe Journal is online at

Get Alan Migliorato’s book, “The Manly Art of Raising a Daughter” at our book page

Fr Rob's Reading List: "A Devotion for Every Day of the Week"

July 1, 2019 - 1:22pm

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