Friday, 6/14/19, Driving Home the Faith

In hour one, David Franks of Masschusetts Citizens for Life will talk about pending abortion legislation in his state and what happened this month when Antifa protested the area March for Life; Annie Scheid of Catholic Charities Southwesttern Ohio will explain the Refugee Resettlement program, and Diana Vern of  Becket will talk about why the Little Sisters of the Poor are back in court.

In hour two, Michael Vanderburgh of SVDP-Dayton will talk about ongoing tornado relief efforts, Jim Papandrea will ask whether today is a  reverting to pre-Christian mores rather than becoming “post Christian,” and Karen Zengel from SVDP-NKY will invite us to this week’s Father’s Day Sale and silent auction in Erlanger.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life is online here

Catholic Charities of Southwestern Ohio is online here

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is online here

SVDP-Dayton is online here

Click to read “Are We Living in a Post-Christian World?

For "“How Christianity Saved the West and Must Do So Again,” click here

June 14, 2019 - 2:00pm

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