Tuesday, 7/2/19, Driving Home the Faith

Today in hour one, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse from the Ruth Institute will talk about a Canadian case that illustrates the fundamental ethical problems with the fertility industry (and human nature), Kevin Schmiesing from The Acton Institute will discuss Catholics in the American Revolution, and Fr. Rob will share an article about devotions for every day of the week from his reading list.

In hour two, Bob Wurzelbacher from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will let us know how to see the new two-part video from his monthly “Being Pro-Life” series, and Princeton’s Dr. Robert George will talk about rational and scientific arguments for the humanity of the unborn.

The Ruth Institute is online at ruthinstitute.org/

Get Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse’s book, “The Sexual State” here

The Acton Institute is online at acton.org

Fr John Portavella's article, "Want to Pray More?" is online at catholicexchange.com/want-to-pray-more-theres-a-devotion-for-every-day-of-the-week  

Watch the “Being Pro-Life videos online at catholiccincinnati.org/ministries-offices/respect-life-2/being-pro-life

Get Dr. George’s book “Embyro: A Defense of Human Life” here

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